OPEN LAB: “Dynamic Changes” with Iñaki Azpillaga Monday 27 February – Thursday 2 March

After his open class in the morning, Iñaki will also teach an Open LAB session: (n.b.-no warm up included, so come ready!)

Date: Monday 27 February – Thursday 2 March 2017
Time: 13:00 – 14:30
Price: Regular class price & Huppass
Studio: HJS at Chassé Dance Studios

The LAB is addressed to dancers and actors with physical training background interested in dance as an artistic form of expression. Movement remains the main tool while the work dialogues with the expressiveness and the possibilities for new performing scenes.
Senses and feelings are for a great part at the origin of movement, and the shapes get organized around them. The dance often flirts with pedestrian moving aesthetics and everyday movements.

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NEW: March & April EXTRA OPEN CLASSES: “Kalari Amsterdam” with Djahan Manuela Mazhari Perez

Date: each Monday & Friday in March and April
Time: 10:00 -12:00
Price: Regular class price & Huppass 
Studio: HJS at Chassé Dance Studios

The Kalarippayattu body and mental /spiritual training is very complete.
It is an ancient beautiful art form, a self-defense method, and a healing system as well.
Different animal poses which are part of the fast sequences, are very deep, low, and yet combined with dynamic high kicks and jumps. As in Yoga, subtle energy channels are opened, You meet your limits, your fears and learn to play with them.
Repetition is a key element, instinct too. You do not learn from a mental state, you absorb the knowledge through repetition and observation. The group energy is an important element of the work. Respect, hard work, and support.

Awareness is opened, awakening skin, muscles, nerves and your perceptions of the space and people around you. That is the ideal state of the warrior, but also of a performer.


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 Check out the SPRING INTENSIVE workshops with

David Zambrano, Tony Vezich and Stephen Delattre

Registration is OPEN



Choreographer Krisztina de Châtel is Looking for Female Dancers

Choreographer Krisztina de Châtel is looking for female dancers for the reprise of Thron, a successful piece in her body of works from 1984.

She is specifically looking for (local) female dancers with a strong technique.


When: The audition takes place on the 5th of March 2017 

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HJS / Mindbody

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Gaga/dancers at HJS and Gaga/people at Chassé Dance Studios in January

 Gaga/dancers classes are now given at HJS every Saturday from 10:00-11:15.  Starting in mid-January 2017, Gaga/people from  will be given at Chassé Dance Studios on Monday and Thursday 19:00-20:15. . While Gaga/dancers is for advanced/professional dancers, Gaga/people is for anyone!  More info will be available soon on the Chassé Dance Studios website.

see more info about Gaga/people here and about Gaga/dancers here

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HJS Teachers invited to teach at Dutch Days Festival in China

After being contacted by the Sino-Dutch Dance Festival in China, HJS recommended two teacher/ choreographers - Keren Rosenberg and Joost Vrouenraets. They will teach at there this month More info about the festival is to be found here.



Accreditation CRKBO!!

 HJS has been audited and again approved by the CRKBO as a professional educational program and continues to stay BTW free!


Interview with Artist Edgar Jansen

Many of you have seen the artist Edgar Jansen in the studio making drawings or watercolors of dancers. The dancer/journalist Mira Petrova has interviewed him, and we are happy to present this interview on the HJS site



Info in English about the Dutch Dance World



7 Questions for Pedro Gomes- teaching in the week of 15 & 22 February

"What motivates me the most as a teacher is to observe how dancers seem to leave my classes feeling better than when they arrived. In other words, feeling healthier and more balanced.”

HJS regularly asks its teachers a number of questions about how they look at dance, teaching and more. This week dance blogger Lisa Kapan talked to ballet teacher Pedro Gomes:

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Attention Dancers

Please pay for class before the class starts! If you take more than one class you cannot pay for the second or third class afterwards as the administration is then closed. Thanks for your cooperation.


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