Saturday 10 June

Boris Charmatz/danse de la nuit
taught by
company member Marlène Saldana

danse de nuit © Boris Brussey

Date: Saturday 10 June 2017
Time: 11:45 – 13:45
Price: normal class price classes & HUPass, & Package deal tickets
Studio: HJS at Chassé Dance Studios

Marlene Saldana, photo by Aurelie Haberdey

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In this workshop, Boris Charmatz’ dancer Marlène Saldana will teach a masterclass, based on the Holland festival performance : danse de nuit (2016) by Boris Charmatz / Musée de la danse. This performance is about dancing and speaking at the same time, saying things about irruption: of violence in our minds, in Europe, in the public space, in dance, irruption of the dance in the street, irruption/pollution via pop culture in our brains...

As the text about the piece says, we are going to do anything at all until it takes a precise meaning: The moment one begins to understand, to accelerate. Accelerate. Accelerate. Accelerate ad lib

Marlène Saldana currently works with Sophie Perez & Xavier Boussiron, Boris Charmatz, Théo Mercier, Christophe Honoré, Jérôme Bel. She has been working with Yves-Noël Genod, Daniel Jeanneteau, Ryan Kelly and Brennan Gerard... Just like Friedrich Nietzsche, she knows that we have art in order not to die of the truth, but she wonders sometimes, like Rodrigo Fresan, why to be an artist when you can speak about art and have named your angora cat Orson or your poodle Muddy Waters. To find an answer, she decided to start writing her own shows with Jonathan Drillet under the name United Patriotic Squadrons of Blessed Diana (The Upsbd). Since then, they presented their work in Paris, New York, Berlin, Fribourg, Gennevilliers, Lyon, Marseille, Lille. Their last creations have been presented in Paris at La Ménagerie de Verre and the CND.

Boris Charmatz, Museé de la Danse will perform Danse de Nuit on 8,9 & 10 June at Holland festival.
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