Masterclass with Heather Ware

Masterclass BATTLE ABEY with Heather Ware 
Date:      Monday 29 May
Time:     15:30 - 17:30
Price:      Regular class price, Huppass and Package deal.

Heather Ware's new piece 'Battle Abbey iis on a performance tour and will be shown in Amsterdam's Bellevue Theater on 30 May. The Masterclass will concern the material from the performance. See a clip here. 

foto: Deen van Meer

In the new performance Battle Abbey, dancer/choreographer Heather Ware explores the idea of risk, and how we as individuals and as a community deal with the sometimes euphoric and sometimes tragic consequences that are a direct result of living a risk filled life.
In this workshop dancers will learn physical material directly from the performance, and also have a chance to experience the underlying ideas behind the physical material for themselves. Using tasks from the research behind Battle Abbey, the dancers will experience both how their own bodies respond to these ideas, and have a chance to experience how these ideas are moulded into the physical material that is part of the performance. 

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