Masterclass Conny Janssen Danst on Wednesday 28 February

photo Conny Janssen danst, Inside Out, Andreas Terlaak

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Date:                     Wednesday 28 February
Time:                          13:00 – 15:00
Price:                    € 20,- or 2 classes on your class card or Hupass

Make sure you are warm and ready to go, there will be no warm up!
Conny Janssen herself will aim to be present towards the end of the Masterclass

You can already register on the Mindbody App or at the receptiondesk

Taught by leading role-dancers;
Mariko Shimoda (Japan)  & Tu Hoang (Vietnam)

photo by Rob Hogeslag

In addition to being a well honored dance company that can be seen nationally and at international festivals, Conny Janssen Danst is a breeding ground for young talent. Each year young dancers and young choreographers are given the opportunity to develop their talents within the professional environment of the company.This season Conny Janssen Danst is pleased to offer a special 2-hour repertory workshop based on the company’s newest work, INSIDE OUT. 

For INSIDE OUT choreographer Conny Janssen was inspired by the term Exploded Drawings, three-dimensional engineering drawings and thought that something must be broken open to find out what is going on behind the facade.   They are metaphors for systems but also for some compelling dynamics within groups of people. In INSIDE OUT she looks for subcutaneous lives, the role of the individual in the complexity of a mass. To the small detail in the big picture. Only when tearing open the hard shell can own manifest. 

Sometimes you look for something you can not reach. All information, whether human, is trapped inside the structure. If a body is enclosed by skin. Only when you peel off the outside and the inside is exposed, you can see the beauty of parts, details and interrelationships. "  - Conny Janssen

INSIDE OUT 2018 Conny Janssen sees the release of existing work as an oppurtunity to further develop repertoire. Not only other dancers, emotional distance and the experience of new creations affect the way she looks at her own work. The renewed version of INSIDE OUT is therefore not a nostalgic look back, but the result of a vital new creation with other dancers and space for new choices

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 Conny Janssen Danst  
will be performing “INSIDE OUT” in Amsterdam on
TUESDAY 27 & WEDNESDAY 28 February

see HERE for tickets and more info.

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