2017-20 / Kathleen Hermesdorf / Corpo-Reality

With: Kathleen Hermesdorf (read more)
Date: Monday 17 – Friday 21 July
Time: 15:00 -18:00
Price: € 150,-
Minimium participants: 15

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Please send a link to a dancefilm (if you have one) and your cv, upon which a selection will be made.
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photo: Chani Bockwinkel

Dancing the body as an instrument of perception, intuition and action. Deepening awareness and understanding of your physical instrument by investigating states of embodiment and the act of motion through a hybrid of traditional, contemporary and alternative forms. Experimenting with the many bodies we inhabit – anatomical, elemental, emotional, artistic, political, animal, magical, mundane and more. Exploring articulation and agency, form and function, materiality and imagination while practicing intuition, following impulses, releasing inhibitions and trusting instincts. Working with energy cultivation, touch and manipulation, technical modalities, somatic and Contact Improvisation, choreography, scores and creative processes to encourage sensate virtuosity, interactive intelligence, personal presence and performative practice.

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2017-20 / Kathleen Hermesdorf / Corpo-Reality
Date & time: Monday 17 – Friday 21 July 15:00 -18:00
Price: € 150,-

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Kathleen Hermesdorf


Kathleen Hermesdorf is the Director of ALTERNATIVA with musician Albert Mathias in San Francisco. She has been dancing in the Bay Area since 1991 and teaches, performs, improvises, creates, curates and mentors locally, nationally and internationally. Hermesdorf gained invaluable experience as a member of Bebe Miller Company, Contraband/Sara Shelton Mann and Margaret Jenkins Dance Company. She is a collaborator at heart, co-directing though the '90s as Hermesdorf & Wells Dance Company with Scott Wells and Collusion with Stephanie Maher, with whom she still shares efforts at Ponderosa in Germany, co-creating and curating PORCH summerschool. Hermesdorf brings over 20 years of experience from the field, studio and stage to her work and holds a BFA and an MFA in Dance Performance + Pedagogy.


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