EASTER INTENSIVE ION Tribe with Luke Jessop

With: Luke Jessop (read more)
Date: Saturday 31 March & Sunday 1 April
Time: 11:30 - 16:30
Price: € 115,-
Minimium participants: 15

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Please send a link to a dancefilm (if you have one) and your cv, upon which a selection will be made.
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This workshop is specifically designed for contemporary dancers and for martial arts practitioners who wish to improve their general movement skills. Using a wide range of exercises and games we will train our body awareness, sensitivity and reflexes in order to gain more confidence when utilized in a competitive scenario. We will train our familiarity of inverting (upside down) and recognition of recovering positions, alongside developing precision in our intentions. The workshop is crafted to benefit those who train in striking, grappling, wrestling or a mixture of all.


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EASTER INTENSIVE ION Tribe with Luke Jessop
Date & time: Saturday 31 March & Sunday 1 April 11:30 - 16:30
Price: € 115,-

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HJS reserves the right to make small changes in the schedule. Although we can accept your application to reserve a place in the workshop, we require that you pay in advance before in order to secure your reservation. HJS reserves the right to cancel this workshop in case of unforeseen circumstances. Should that be the case, participants who have paid will receive a refund of the full amout of the workshop fee. HJS cannot take responsibility for any other costs that have been made, including travel and housing!

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Luke Jessop


Hailing from Essex, England, Luke fell into dancing almost by accident. Choosing dance as a subject in school simply because the subjects he had originally chosen wouldn't work in the timetable. As his passion grew, both for Hip Hop and Bboying, his awareness of dance as a tool for expression increased both in the studio and out. Continuing on to the University of Bedfordshire and graduating in 2011 with a Bachelors Degree, Luke then began a brief career in England, working with 2Faced Dance Company on their triple bill 'In The Dust'.

In 2012, Luke moved to Brussels, Belgium to work with Wim Vandekeybus - Ultima Vez. Working on various productions including the creation of booty Looting, Talk to the Demon, FEAR NOT, Spiritual Unity and In Spite of Wishing and Wanting(Revival) as well performing in other productions including; Oedipus/Bêt Noir and Nieuwzwart.
Luke also creates hiw own work, most recently: “Letter To My Newborn”

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